Contents 1.0. Preface: Emergencies Now 17 The Nature of the Catastrophes: A Brief Introduction 24 2.0. Platopias: Flatscapes from Failures & Losses 3.0. Utopia: No Place 4.0. Topopoetics: Making Places 29 A General Eutopian Solution 37 5.0. Eutopias: Good Places by Design & Practice Responsibilities of Individuals Responsibilities of Nations Responsibilities of a Global Framework Emergency Actions 41 5.3. Getting to Good Places Adapting a Psychology of Catastrophe Taking Immediate Action 5.3.4. Taking Coordinated Action on Three Levels 51 Acting as an Individual/Community Contributing to a Nation Contributing to the International Why it Could Work: A Brief Conclusion 186 5.3.5. The Dance of Art Money & Ethics: Advertising Good Places 5.4. Creating & Maintaining Eutopias Now 190 5.4.1. What Eutopias Can Do Eutopias Can Eliminate Bad Approaches & Actions Eutopias Can Integrate Tools & Designs Eutopias Can Increase Understanding Eutopias Can Start Making Good Places Eutopias Can Start Making a Framework for Revolution 5.4.2. Moving Forward (& Backward Inward & Outward) A Sampling of the Eutopian Code 208 6.0. Ecodex 6.1. Principles 6.2. Standards 6.3 Actions 7.0. End Matter 215